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"Musicians Love It!"

You Don't Like Sweaty Hands


Control Sweaty Hands

  • No Odor - Some people are allergic to odor!
  • Not Sticky - Will not get on your equipment!
  • No White Powder - Will not get on clothes!
  • Non Toxic - Food grade ingredients!

Spray Once - Play Your Gig Sweaty Hands Free

Which Ever your favorite Instrument is: Guitars, Drums, Piano, Brass, etc.
You Need Dry Hands From Annoying Sweat to Play Your Best Music!

A Message from the Inventor:

"Many Musicians Bought Our Other Brands for Sports. They said to us; "We used this On Our Hands Playing Our Music, It Keeps Hands Dry, And Also Protects Our Instruments From Sweaty Hands."

Easy to Use:
Before Playing your Musical Instruments Spray Hands Thoroughly and between fingers rub briskly, until liquid disappears (about 20 seconds) You will have a dry soft feeling
Remove: Wash with Soap and Water


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